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Helldivers : A player’s Review

Helldivers is the latest 4-player co-op sensation in the PlayStation world. Developed by Arrowhead, the same studio behind hits such as Magika, Gauntlet etc. Helldivers is a 4-player cross-play, cross-chat top-down action shooter. The game drops you in squads of 4 on different planets of your choosing

Top 5 Free Best Download Managers

Top 5 Free Best Download Managers: Download managers have come a long way since their inception. Downloading files has been a ubiquitous need of the internet denizen since the early internet days. Though streaming services have become the more popular way these days to share media online,

Create cool Favicons in 5 simple steps!

How to create cool Favicons in 5 simple steps! Hi there. We all use and love favicons so much, so how about I show you a way to create cool favicons by yourself from scratch?  In case you are wondering what a favicon is, it’s the small