Top 5 Free Best Download Managers

Top 5 Free Best Download Managers: Download managers have come a long way since their inception. Downloading files has been a ubiquitous need of the internet denizen since the early internet days. Though streaming services have become the more popular way these days to share media online, they are still in their infancy in countries like ours owing to slow progress in web connectivity and the relatively snail-paced internet speeds.
Downloading a file means you have total control over and don’t need to put up with partial files, poor quality uploads, buffering issues etc. especially in the case of media files. Furthermore, as storage gets cheaper, downloading media, documents, software etc. has become more viable than earlier as we all have Gigabytes to spare.  A download manager, as the name suggests, helps you manage the entire download process with a few clicks and makes tasks such as downloading a large number of batch files, downloading files of huge size etc. a summer breeze! Now let’s look at the 5 best download managers in the market today.


The 5 Best Download Managers :

5. Download Accelerator Plus : DAP is the first download manager I ever used. Back then, I was new to the world of Internet and was mostly content downloading through the browser. But this took time and was prone to errors and failures. I often encountered ‘download filed’ errors at around 95-99% completion rates. This was so frustrating that it lead me  on a journey online to scour the web for a solution. Enter DAP. DAP does its job pretty well. It definitely increases your download speed by at least 50% (more often around 200%-300%). It splits a file into many chunks which downloads separately and paralleled. You can also resume broken downloads, download Youtube videos, convert Youtube videos to mp3 for download. You can also preview video files that you are downloading while downloading them.
DAP also has a premium version that promises to offer more speed and other privacy features. I personally prefer not to include apps with premium versions while making a list of the best available free apps for any purpose and I haven’t tried the premium version of DAP yet. However in this case, I made the exception because the free version has all that one could ask for in a full-fledged download manager and I would assume there is little, if any, to miss in the free version compared to Speedbit’s paid offering.


Download  : Download Accelerator Plus

4. Flashget : Flashget is a download manager that has been around since the days when fire was discovered. Haha. Just kidding, it was released a few years later actually. Flashget was one of the original download managers to boast the fastest speeds in the industry and was highly praised all around the web. However it has its lows since then, owing to users complaining about its aggressive ads, malware concerns, insecure update mechanisms etc. All these issues dealt a blow to the beloved download manager and it isn’t as familiar a name as it once was to today’s internet populace. However it;s popularity didn’t die and it still boasts a loyal following that swear by it.
Flashget lets you download much faster than a traditional browser by using techniques such as  Multi-server Hyper-threading Transportation and optimization arithmetic and it can split downloaded files into sections and supports multipoint transfers in parallel. The staple features expected of any download manager such as pause & resume of downloads, adding batch files, accelerating download speeds etc exist in Flashget. You can download it through the links below.

Download : FlashGet
3. Free Download Manager : FDM is a free, open-source download manager that helps you organize accelerate your download process. FDM supports HTTP, HTTPS and FTP protocols fro downloading and recently BitTorrent protocol has also been added to this list. So now you can also download torrents using FDM. It also lets you download from video sites, download entire websites among other cool things. Features like pause & resume, video/audio file preview, scheduling downloads, organizing traffic usage have been a staple of FDM for some time now.Free Download Manager also lets user create portable installations to be used on ther computers where you don’t have admin/installation rights. FDM keeps getting updated frequently by its developers and is always in active development. One of the new features FDM boasts these days is its ability to start new downloads remotely through its new ‘Remote control’ feature.
FDM also offers its users a large library of free files consisting of free software, games, productivity tools, graphics suites, development and educational software etc. All these files are available for download once you install FDM. As one of the best free download managers out there, FDM doesn’t need to do this but I have to admit,  this is a pretty unique way of attracting more users. And in a good way too seeing the  library is loaded with hundreds of useful files to choose for download.


Download : Free Download Manager
You might also find interesting :Create your own Favicon in 5 simple steps2. JDownloader : JDownloader is a free, powerful, sophisticated download manager and has a special place among download managers. It excels when it comes to downloading from the so-called ‘one-click’ file hosts such as FileFactory, Rapidshare, DepositFiles etc as it lets you pause the downloads even though the hosts themselves don’t offer this. What JDownloader does it slow the download speed to a snail’s pace and not actually pause it. This way the connection is kept alive and at the same time you can free up bandwidth to do some other work online.Jdownloader also comes with a slew of other cool, unique features such as auto captcha filling, download start timers, auto extraction of downloaded files, clipboard Url detection etc.

The only issue with JDownloader is while installation, by default, the options are automatically set to change your browser homepage, new tab page and the search engine choice to some spam site. You have to choose ‘custom’ installation and uncheck those options in order to have a clean install. From there on, it’s smooth sailing and you can start using one of the best download managers in market right now. Being a java-based downloader, JDownloader supports multiple platforms – Win, Mac & Linux.


Download : JDownloader for Windows | Mac (OSX  10.5 or lower , 10.6 or higher) | Linux.

1. Mipony : Mipony is one of the lesser know download managers out there but certainly doesn’t deserve to be. It is a sleek download manager especially designed to download automatically from free hosting websites like Rapidshare, Hotfiles, Gigasize, Filefactory, Mediafire, and Netload. In this regard, it’s similar to JDownloader but in my experience, fared a little better than the former. Just a wee little bit 🙂 Mipony can automatically open the website specified by the URL, wait for time required for free users and then initiate the download. The in-built captcha filler plugins assist Mipony in this process. Mipony works with both free and premium accounts of file hosts and can download list of large number of files automatically with little to no intervention. It’s easily one of the best download managers where you can just click and forget. 

Mipony also attempts to re-start downloads for files that stopped due to errors. It also has a built-in browser and integrated Youtube and Google search. Mipony also offers remote control through the web an from Android app that the company developed. At the time of writing this, there are over 240 filehosts that are supported by Mipony! More are being added regularly. So try it for yourself.


Download : Mipony


Hon’ble Mention :

Internet Download Manager : IDM is a simple-yet-powerful download manager that shines in just about everything that has to do with saving files off the internet, regardless of format and file size. When you first install it, IDM doesn’t look all that jazzy but don’t be fooled by the bland interface. What it lacks in looks, it more than makes up for in functionality. IDM trades slick interfaces for superlative performance, colorful popups for killer download speeds. The only reason IDM isn’t in the running is because it’s not freeware. You get a 30 day trial but after that you either pay 25$ for the full version of delete if off your PC. Such a shame. I wish there were a free version ala DAP. Try it. If you like it, Buy it.
Download : Try IDM
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